Cities for a Nuclear Free Europe

Cities for a Nuclear Free Europe is an informal network of cities and city leaders who wish to reduce or avoid the risks, dangers and costs of nuclear power in Europe. In 2011, motivated by the Fukushima disaster, Ulli Sima, Deputy Mayor for the Environment of the City of Vienna, took the initiative for a letter to the European Commission to address the risks and costs of nuclear power in Europe. More tests, procedures and regulations are not effective to protect our citizens from the threats of nuclear power. Clean and safe alternatives for the energy supply are available.

•We consider an immediate Europe-wide moratorium on nuclear power plant constructions (including plants that are already under construction) as necessary.

•All nuclear reactors not able to be updated to a state-of-the-art technology safety standard, must be shut down.

•In a final step all remaining nuclear power plants will have to be systematically replaced by renewable energy power plants.

•Being aware that nuclear energy counts for 28 per cent of the electricity consumed in the EU - in individual states significantly more - a well-considered and energetic approach to achieve this goal is required.

•Nuclear power plant operators across Europe have to be held unlimitedly liable for the damages of an accident, as any other company and individual is. The liability has to be secured by insurance in the amount of actual damages to be expected (about 5 billion Euros).

•The European stress tests for nuclear power plant must be continued on mandatory and pertinent criteria of independent international experts and NGOs. The results must be transparent and binding.

•EURATOM funds needs to be reduced to support the development of energy efficiency and renewable energy production. Under no circumstances should EURATOM funds flow in the lifetime extension of nuclear power plants, in building new plants or the development of new nuclear reactors.

• The European funds for energy must be (re-)directed to the promotion of energy efficient technologies and renewable energy sources (including the necessary energy nets) solely.

CNFE is always open for more cities that want to join the network. A request letter of Ulli Sima, Councillor for the Environment of the City of Vienna, can be found here

For questions or suggestions you can address the network